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If you are looking for guitar lessons for you or your child, I am the right guitar tutor for you. I offer guitar lessons to every ability level, so whether you’re a complete beginner or slightly more advanced, I can help. I teach all ages from age 8 upwards.

All Styles Taught

I am able to offer tuition in a number of different musical styles and genres, and I am happy to steer all of my students in the musical direction that they want to go in. Over my many years as a professional guitarist and musician, I have built up a broad understanding of a number of different styles of music, including:

  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Jazz
  • Fusion
  • Country
  • RnB & Soul
  • Funk
  • Reggae
  • Metal
  • Ska

As a full time professional musician, I have performed a number of gigs in bands that fit into one or more of the categories above. With such a detailed knowledge of a wide range of genres, you know I will be able to help you improve in whatever style of music you choose to study.

Expert Guitar & Bass Tuition

I am also happy to offer tuition to those who wish to study specific aspects or techniques related to guitar, bass or music in general. I am pleased to offer tailored tuition in the following areas:

  • Rhythm guitar – including complex rhythms and strumming patterns
  • Lead guitar – scales, arpeggios and creative approaches to improve your lead playing.
  • Acoustic guitar – strumming techniques, fingerstyle playing and rhythm playing.
  • Bass guitar – Spicing up your bass lines, as well as specific techniques such as slap bass.
  • Specialised techniques – such as tapping, sweep picking, legato, alternate picking, hybrid picking etc.

Expert Music Tuition

I live and breathe music. It is my passion as well as my job, and I am pleased to offer expert tuition in anything related to the general study of music, such as:

  • Music theory – I can teach the basics right up to advanced level.
  • Composition – song writing and composing for bands or orchestras.
  • Arranging – any style, cover songs as well as original material.
  • Sight reading and learning to read music – I can teach you from a beginner level right up to advanced.