Improve Your Guitar Playing – My Best Value Coaching Package

Improve your guitar playing today! My Premium Guitar Coaching Package gives you the best value for money in order to turbo charge your guitar or bass playing. Whether you’re a complete beginner, intermediate, or advanced student, this coaching package is perfect for you. This is because my Premium Coaching Package is designed to get you the results you want on the instrument. Using a combination of face to face, online and pre recorded video lessons, your guitar or bass playing will improve significantly when you sign up to my Premium Coaching Package. I will mentor you every step of the way and ensure that tuition is delivered to you in a structured approach. Furthermore, you will become a more confident musician as a result of my tailored approach to lessons.

Let’s take a close look at all of the benefits you will receive when you sign up to my Premium Guitar or Bass Coaching Package:

guitar lessons for beginners

Up to 4 x 1 hour guitar lessons per month

High quality one to one guitar tuition, either online or in person. I am an experienced and personable guitar instructor, and I have many excellent reviews from previous clients. These one to one guitar or bass lessons are tailored to your learning style, and designed to maximise your results on the instrument.

Structured Learning Format

My guitar lessons are structured in a way to maximise results. This will enable you to progress on the instrument in a natural way. Featuring a combination of songs and exercises chosen to target areas you need to improve on, each client who signs up to my Premium Guitar or Bass Coaching Package will benefit from a clear learning pathway geared towards improvement and growth. As an experienced tutor, I am quick to identify any areas you need to improve on and will provide material to help you achieve this.

Additional 4 x 15 Minute Practice Sessions Per Month Included

In addition to my weekly one hour guitar tuition slots, I am also offering additional midweek 15 minute catch up sessions with me on Zoom. This is designed to help you practice all the material we went through in the main lesson, as well as answering any questions you may need answering from our previous session. These additional sessions are invaluable as a week can be a long time in between sessions!

Regular Progress Reports 

In order for you to get the most out of your guitar lessons, I will provide you with regular progress reports. These will detail how you’re getting on in lessons, what you have achieved so far and what you need to work on. These will be focused on your goals and ambitions on the guitar, personalised to your style and aimed at improving your skills. You will receive weekly feedback in your practice diary, as well as a personalised report each month detailing your strengths and areas you need to improve your guitar playing.

Request Your Favourite Songs

Alongside my structured Beginner Guitar Programme is the opportunity for you to express yourself on the instrument. Fundamentally, I am a firm believer in teaching people what they want to learn. With this in mind, you will be able to task me with learning and transcribing your favourite songs, so that you can learn how to play them on guitar yourself! Tabs and pre recorded video lessons will be provided for any songs I do not currently know in addition to learning the song in the one hour lesson.

Access To My Additional Pre-Recorded Video Lessons 

In addition to expert one to one guitar tuition, I have a number of pre recorded video lessons to assist you in your practice time. Shot in HD with high quality audio, these will be sent to you to supplement your learning experience by ensuring you have access to my high quality guitar tuition on demand. Topics covered include correct technique, how to read tab, and tuition in all songs included in my Beginner Guitar Programme. 

guitar chord course

My 266 Page Chord Course Included For Free

I have written a comprehensive 266 page book on learning fundamental guitar chords. A free copy will be sent to any student who signs up for my Premium Guitar Coaching Package. This book is priced at £9.97 and will supplement your learning experience.

Chord Diagrams & Guitar Tabs For Hundreds Of Songs 

As a professional guitar instructor with over ten years experience, I have created a large number of high quality guitar transcriptions and chord diagrams. I have hundreds of songs fully transcribed, as well as numerous technical exercises and scales all over the neck.  

Tuition In Grading

I have helped many beginners progress onto achieving grades on guitar and bass. Should you wish to embark on the path to getting graded on the instrument, I can assist you every step of the way. I have pages of grading material to send to you, as well as numerous pre recorded video lessons in addition to my one to one tuition. 

Personalised Practice Diary

In order for you to get the best out of lessons, a full practice plan will be provided to each student enrolled on my Beginner Guitar Programme. This will detail what you have to practice each week, with the amount of time needed to dedicate to each area of study. I will also provide you with regular feedback on what you are doing well and suggest areas you need to work on.

Free 15 Minute Zoom Consultation

Before you commit to my beginner guitar program, feel free to book a free introductory meeting with me. A free 15 minute consultation is available to anyone who wants to find out if I’m the right guitar teacher for them. Book a free call with me today, and I look forward to meeting you, and discussing your requirements.

guitar lessons for beginners

Cancel Anytime

Once you book my Premium Guitar or Bass Coaching Package, there is a 14 day cooling off period if you change your mind. In addition, there is no need to commit to a set number of months – you can always change to another coaching package at anytime, or just cancel once you feel you no longer need high quality guitar or bass tuition.

Best Value Coaching Package

All of the services listed above are priced at £199 per month. This represents incredible value for money. Just my one to lessons alone are priced at £30.00 per hour. In addition to that, you get extra sessions online, regular progress reports, a free book and all my supplementary video lessons. With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder that so many clients sign up to my Premium Coaching Package. Please get in touch with me on my contact page to sign up and let’s improve your guitar playing today!