Unlock Your Full Potential on Guitar with My Premium Coaching Package

Are you ready to take your guitar playing to the next level? My Premium Guitar Coaching Package is designed to turbocharge your skills and provide the best value for your investment. Whether you’re a complete beginner, intermediate, or advanced student, my coaching package is perfect for you. Experience a dramatic transformation in your guitar or bass playing as I mentor you every step of the way, delivering structured and tailored lessons.

Let’s delve into the exceptional benefits you’ll receive when you sign up for our Premium Guitar or Bass Coaching Package:

guitar lessons for beginners

Personalized One-to-One Guitar Lessons

Enjoy up to 4 one-hour guitar lessons per month, delivered either online or in person. As an experienced and personable guitar instructor, I tailor each lesson to your learning style, maximizing your results on the instrument. Benefit from my expertise and excellent reviews from previous clients.

Structured Learning Format

My guitar lessons are meticulously structured to maximize your progress. My curated combination of songs and exercises targets the areas you need to improve on, creating a clear learning pathway for your growth. As an experienced tutor, I swiftly identify areas for improvement and provide materials to help you achieve your goals.

Additional Catch-Up Sessions

To ensure continuous progress, I offer 4 additional 15-minute catch-up sessions with me on Zoom or Teams. These sessions help you practice the material covered in the main lesson and allow for any questions or clarifications you may need. Say goodbye to long gaps between sessions!

Regular Progress Reports 

Stay on track with your guitar journey through my regular progress reports. I provide detailed feedback on your lesson performance, achievements, and areas for improvement. My personalised reports focus on your individual goals and ambitions, empowering you to become a more skilled and confident musician.

Request Your Favourite Songs

I believe in teaching what you love. Task me with learning and transcribing your favourite songs, and I’ll guide you on how to play them on guitar. Tabs and pre-recorded video lessons will be provided for any songs not currently in my repertoire, in addition to learning the song during our one-hour lesson.

Access To Additional Pre-Recorded Video Lessons 

Enhance your learning experience with my library of high-quality, pre-recorded video lessons. Shot in HD with exceptional audio quality, these lessons cover topics such as correct technique, tab reading, and all songs included in my Beginner Guitar Program. Get access to top-notch guitar tuition on demand. Below is an example of the kind of video you will have access to once you sign up to my Premium Guitar Coaching Package:

guitar chord course

Complimentary 266-Page Chord Book

As a bonus, receive a free copy of my comprehensive 266-page book on learning fundamental guitar chords. This invaluable resource, priced at £9.97, will supplement your learning experience and further enrich your skills.

Extensive Library of Chord Diagrams and Guitar Tabs

Benefit from my collection of high-quality guitar transcriptions, chord diagrams, technical exercises, and scales covering the entire fretboard. With over fifteen years of experience, I have a wealth of resources to support your progress.

Tuition In Grading

Embark on the path to getting graded on the guitar or bass. We provide assistance at every step, including grading materials and pre-recorded video lessons, alongside my one-to-one tuition.

Personalised Practice Diary

Optimise your practice sessions with a customized practice plan tailored to your needs. I’ll provide a comprehensive guide on what to practice each week, along with feedback on your progress and suggestions for improvement.

Free 15 Minute Zoom Consultation

Not sure if I’m the right guitar teacher for you? Book a free 15-minute consultation to discuss your requirements and determine if our coaching package

guitar lessons for beginners

Cancel Anytime

I understand that circumstances may change, and I want to provide flexibility. When you book my Premium Guitar or Bass Coaching Package, you have a 14-day cooling off period in case you change your mind. Furthermore, there’s no need to commit to a set number of months. You can easily switch to another coaching package whenever you desire or simply cancel if you feel you no longer require my high-quality guitar or bass tuition. Your satisfaction is my priority.

Best Value Coaching Package

All of these incredible services are available at just £199 per month, representing exceptional value for your investment. Our one-to-one lessons alone are priced at £30.00 per hour, but with my Premium Coaching Package, you also receive additional sessions, regular progress reports, a free chord course, and access to our supplementary video lessons. It’s no wonder that countless clients have signed up for my Premium Coaching Package. Contact me via my contact page to sign up and let’s improve your guitar playing today!