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Guitar, Bass & Music Theory Grades Lessons

As an experienced guitar and bass tutor in Colchester, Essex, I have been offering tuition in guitar grade exams for a number of years now. Whether you’re a complete beginner and have always wanted to take a grade on the instrument and need help getting started, or an intermediate to advanced guitarist who needs a little help with the harder grades, I can help you; I can teach right up to grade 8 and beyond on guitar and music theory.

If you’ve thought about taking your grades in the past and are unsure about it, then allow me to run through the benefits of taking and passing your examinations on the guitar, and indeed any instrument, in a graded format:

Benefits of Taking Graded Exams:

  • A motivational tool to inspire you to practise, as you will be working towards achieving something. (“I’d better pick up the guitar, I’ve got my exam in two weeks!)
  • Structured lessons tailored to your current ability level. Although the material will stretch you, it is achievable with the right amount of time and dedication.
  • A great way to measure your progress on the instrument. If you’ve successfully completed and passed your latest grade, then you must be getting better!
  • A need to develop the correct technique on the instrument in order to pass the exam, very beneficial in the long run.
  • A need to learn a number of different techniques and musical devices that you may otherwise gloss over without taking a grade, such as scales, unusual chords, arpeggios, sight reading and aural tests.

Start Your Lessons In Grades Today

Although taking graded exams isn’t essential in order to make progress on guitar, bass or any instrument, as you can see from the points above, it does have its advantages. Fortunately, there are a number of different exam bodies that offer the opportunity to gain a recognised qualification on the guitar, such as RGT, ABRSM, RSL and Trinity. I am familiar with most exam boards and their requirements, so I would suggest to any potential grade student to research each course and see which one suits their needs the best. Undoubtedly the most popular is the Rockschool series of grades, in which I have put a number of students through, but it is totally up to you with which path you choose. If you think graded exams are the right path for you on the instrument, then please visit my contact page and get in touch with me, I’d love to start you on your journey!


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