Guitar Grades: Get Tuition In Your Guitar Grades With Me

guitar grades lesson tuition colchester essex suffolk lessons

As an experienced guitar and bass tutor in Colchester, Essex, I have been offering tuition in guitar grade exams for a number of years now. Whether you’re a complete beginner and have always wanted to take a grade on the instrument and need help getting started, or an intermediate to advanced guitarist who needs a little help with the harder grades, I can help you; I can teach right up to grade 8 and beyond on guitar and music theory.

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Jazz Theory Lesson – “Blues For Alice” – Analysing a Jazz Standard

Charlie Parker "Blues For Alice" Jazz Music Theory Lesson free advanced online guitar lessons

In today’s free online music lesson, we will be analysing Charlie Parker’s jazz standard “Blues For Alice” – focusing particularly on Parker’s note choices in the head and the relationship they have with the chords. I feel that any musician can learn a lot about music theory from analysing jazz standards, and with “Blues For Alice” being one of my favourite jazz tunes of all time, I thought it would…

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Free Guitar Lesson: How To Spice Up Your Pentatonics With Spread Triads

Pentatonic Triads Licks Free Online Guitar Lesson Guitar Tuition

If I ever find myself stuck in a rut with my lead playing, I always revert back to practising with intervallic or triadic based ideas to help me come up with new licks. One of my favourite discoveries over the last few years was the spread triad, which I have been slowly building into my own playing and improvisation. In this free online guitar lesson, I will show you how…

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How To Be A Better Rhythm Guitarist – How To Improve Your Rhythm Playing

steve cropper how to be a better rhythm guitarist guitar lessons colchester

As guitarists, it’s so easy to get caught up in practising cool licks, scales, arpeggios and anything else that’s going to help us become a better lead guitar player. However, it’s very important not to lose sight of a slightly more important aspect of the instrument, which is rhythm playing! Think about it, unless you’re Steve Vai or Joe Satriani, you’ll be spending most of your time in a band…

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My Social Media Pages

facebook instagram twitter youtube guitar lessons colchester essex

I have recently started my own Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, with a view to uploading more YouTube videos in the very near future. Facebook and Instagram will primarily feature demonstrations of my guitar playing, with a view to inspiring others with some of the techniques and concepts on display. I will also be uploading photos of myself and my guitars to both pages, with Twitter seeing more of a…

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