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Free Guitar Lesson: How To Play “Attention” by Charlie Puth On Guitar

In today's free online guitar lesson, we look at the chords and guitar parts that make up Charlie Puth's hit song "Attention" guitar tab and chord diagrams are used to help break down this interesting pop song.

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Guitar Grades: Get Tuition In Your Guitar Grades With Me

As an experienced guitar and bass tutor in Colchester, Essex, I have been offering tuition in guitar grade exams for a number of years now. Whether you're a complete beginner and have always wanted to take a grade on the instrument and need help getting started, or an intermediate to advanced guitarist who needs a little help with the harder grades, I can help you; I can teach right up to grade 8 and beyond on guitar and music theory.

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Jazz Theory Lesson – “Blues For Alice” – Analysing a Jazz Standard

In today's free online music lesson, we will be analysing Charlie Parker's jazz standard "Blues For Alice" - focusing particularly on Parker's note choices in the head and the relationship they have with the chords. I feel that any musician can learn a lot about music theory from analysing jazz standards, and with "Blues For… Continue reading Jazz Theory Lesson – “Blues For Alice” – Analysing a Jazz Standard

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5 More Great Guitar Songs For Beginners

I had such a lot of positive feedback on my post "Top 10 Guitar Songs For Beginners" that I've decided to release a sequel! In case you missed my previous article on Colchester Guitar Teacher, I ran down a list of 10 great songs that, in my experience, have been ideal for complete beginners on… Continue reading 5 More Great Guitar Songs For Beginners