In the last year, I have noticed more and more students taking an interest in learning to read music. Specifically, there are more guitar and bass players who want to learn to read standard notation on their chosen instrument. If you are looking for sight reading guitar lessons, then let me help! I offer individual lessons and courses for beginners who wish to learn how to read music. Although this geared specifically for guitar or bass players, I can help anyone who wishes to learn how to read music notation. Even if you have no experience in reading music on guitar and can’t read a note, I can teach you the basics and guide you through the process.

Why Learn To Read Music On Guitar Or Bass?

Sight reading is not required for a guitar player to reach extraordinary heights on the instrument. In fact, history is littered with some truly great players who never learned to read a note of music. However, there are a number of benefits of learning to read standard notation on your instrument. To name a few, there are:

  • The ability to see the “shape” of the music. Although tab is great and quick to learn, it can be confusing to look at a series of numbers. With standard notation, you can really see the pattern of notes and perform the piece to a good standard much quicker.
  • Tablature often has no rhythmic notation, meaning you will have to listen to the original recording and figure the rhythm out for yourself.
  • You can apply your understanding of notation to any other musical instrument.
  • More versatility – you don’t have to turn down those sight reading gigs anymore!

Those are just 4 of the many benefits of learning to read music. Book some lessons with me and discover even more!

Sight Reading Guitar Lessons: How It Works

sight reading guitar lessons open strings

At the moment, the most convenient method for my students to learn guitar is online. As I have previously noted, I offer guitar and bass lessons on both Skype and Zoom. Additionally, I make use of the screen share functions on both platforms, as I have various software and applications installed on my PC that will help you to become a master sight reader! This makes sight reading guitar lessons much easier, and in turn you will get a lot out of the process. Visit my contact page to start today!


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