I offer guitar lessons on a number of different online platforms, including Skype and, most recently, Zoom. I have enjoyed learning how to use Zoom in the past year or so, and have found it a useful tool to connect with people face to face for guitar and bass tuition online. I am particularly impressed with it’s smooth interface and array of features, and would encourage any potential students to consider using it as your platform of choice for taking online guitar lessons with me.

Benefits Of Using Zoom For Guitar Lessons

Zoom and Skype are similar in what they offer, and both are fantastic tools for learning guitar online. What I like about both platforms are the following:

  • Great visual quality, ideal for close ups of fingers.
  • The ability to share your screen with the other participant. Great for showing chord diagrams and tabs.
  • The sound quality is pretty good on both platforms.
  • Both are very easy to use.

However, in my experiences with Zoom, there are a few areas in which it has the edge over Skype for online guitar lessons, namely:

  • The visual quality seems slightly better. I could just be imagining this but it’s just my impression.
  • Zoom can host more than two people on one call, meaning that more people can take part in the lesson at once, ideal if you were taking group lessons before.
  • More options for screen sharing, such as the ability to only share a particular application’s screen instead of your entire desktop.

However, both remain fantastic tools for learning guitar from the comfort of your own home whilst still staying safe. I have had positive experiences with both Skype and Zoom so far, as well as Google Duo for guitar lessons. I am also keen to try out any other platforms, so if anyone out there has any experience with another application, please get in touch and let’s try it out! I’m always keen to explore new technology in making learning guitar and bass more accessible to as many people as possible.

guitar lessons on zoom

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