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Learn Your First 9 Chords On Guitar

Welcome to my First 9 Chords For Beginners Micro Course! This course goes hand in hand with my free lesson “Beginners: Learn These 9 Chords First.” In that post, I explained how I always recommend beginners learn 9 basic open chords when they first start playing guitar. This enables you to play a vast amount of songs on guitar. Since then, the post has become one of my most popular on the site. Subsequently, I’ve had a number of people reach out to me saying they need more help learning the chords, and that’s where this micro course comes into play!

Avoid Mistakes – Learn The Right Way

This micro course is exactly as the name sounds. It is a series of video lessons on each chord, where I explain and demonstrate close up how to fret each chord. Additionally, I walk you through the common mistakes that many beginners make with every chord, and provide you with tips on how to avoid them!

1 Video Per Chord – Guitar Micro Course

Each of the 9 chords has a separate video dedicated to it. Think of it as like a separate chapter in a book. Each video is approximately 3-5 minutes in length, which makes them a perfect reference for each individual chord. If you have been struggling to learn chords from a book or a sheet, then this micro course will ensure you learn and memorise each chord quicker! As a special bonus, there is also a separate video explaining how to read the chord box diagrams used to display each chord. Finally, I have also included the PDF file with all 9 chords displayed as box diagrams, similar to the one used in the original blog post.

Here is a full breakdown of every video chapter in the course:

  1. Introduction – 01:15
  2. How To Read Chord Box Diagrams – 04:13
  3. The A Chord – 02:56
  4. The Am Chord 02:50
  5. The C Chord – 03:00
  6. The D Chord – 02:50
  7. The Dm Chord – 02:53
  8. The E Chord – 03:04
  9. The Em Chord – 03:00
  10. The F Chord – 05:16
  11. The G Chord – 04:30
  12. Outro – 0:59

Here’s a preview of exactly what you’ll be getting when you purchase the chord. Below is the “C Chord” chapter in its entirety:

Fantastic Value For Money – First Guitar Chords

My first 9 guitar chords course is priced at just £3.49, which represents fantastic value for money. That’s cheaper than most chord books! I have been teaching guitar for over twelve years now, and have seen the mistakes that beginners make when learning these first guitar chords. Make sure that isn’t you! Get the micro course today, have fun and enjoy your guitar playing!