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F Major Barre Chord Guitar

Master Every Fundamental Guitar Chord

Welcome to the Fretboard Mastery series of guitar books. This is part 1 of my comprehensive series, designed to help guitarists of all levels unlock the fretboard and master fundamental guitar chords and triads. If you’ve ever felt stuck or unsure of what to practice next, this book is the perfect starting point. 


Major Chords

Discover every major chord in all 12 keys, taught in 5 positions across the neck.

Minor Chords

Learn 5 CAGED shapes for every minor chord in all 12 keys, expanding your chord vocabulary.

Diminished Chords

Master every diminished chord in all 12 keys, empowering you to create unique and intriguing chord progressions.

Augmented Chords

Explore all augmented chords in all 12 keys, allowing you to add tension and color to your playing.

Sus2 Chords

Develop your sound with 5 positions for every sus2 chord in all 12 keys, adding a touch of melodic richness to your compositions.

Sus4 Chords

Unleash the power of sus4 chords using 5 CAGED shapes for all 12 keys, bringing a sense of resolution and emotion to your playing.

Fretboard Mastery example

Triads All Over The Neck

To truly become fluent on the guitar, it’s essential to play these guitar chords and triads all over the neck. That’s why I’ve included a full fretboard map for each chord type listed above. With these maps, you’ll be able to visualize and navigate the fretboard, unlocking its true potential.

Full Interval Diagrams Included

Understanding fundamental chords goes beyond just memorizing shapes. That’s why I’ve provided comprehensive 22-fret diagrams displaying the intervals contained within each chord type. Master the intervals for major, minor, augmented, diminished, sus2, and sus4 chords all over the neck, gaining a deeper understanding of chord construction and harmonic relationships.