7 Great Guitar & Music Tuition Books

Guitar chords course

In this article I take you through 6 of the best guitar and music theory books that I personally use to teach a variety of concepts on guitar and music and theory. There are 3 books for beginner guitarists, and 3 for more advanced players. Enjoy!

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Jazz Theory Lesson – “Blues For Alice” – Analysing a Jazz Standard

Charlie Parker "Blues For Alice" Jazz Music Theory Lesson free advanced online guitar lessons

In today’s free online music lesson, we will be analysing Charlie Parker’s jazz standard “Blues For Alice” – focusing particularly on Parker’s note choices in the head and the relationship they have with the chords. I feel that any musician can learn a lot about music theory from analysing jazz standards, and with “Blues For Alice” being one of my favourite jazz tunes of all time, I thought it would…

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