10 Licks For Jazz Guitar Beginners

Any guitar students who have decided to pursue jazz guitar lessons will always be given the same advice; learn as many II V I (2 5 1) licks as possible. I found this advice especially helpful when I began studying jazz improvisation, as if you are unfamiliar with the style, these will help guide your ear towards phrasing more like a jazz guitarist, rather than say, a rock guitarist. In…

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Jazz Theory Lesson – “Blues For Alice” – Analysing a Jazz Standard

Charlie Parker "Blues For Alice" Jazz Music Theory Lesson free advanced online guitar lessons

In today’s free online music lesson, we will be analysing Charlie Parker’s jazz standard “Blues For Alice” – focusing particularly on Parker’s note choices in the head and the relationship they have with the chords. I feel that any musician can learn a lot about music theory from analysing jazz standards, and with “Blues For Alice” being one of my favourite jazz tunes of all time, I thought it would…

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