3 great fingerstyle songs on acoustic guitar

Unleash Your Inner Acoustic Virtuoso

Are you ready to dive into the captivating world of fingerstyle guitar playing? The mesmerising sounds and intricate melodies created by acoustic fingerstyle techniques have the power to captivate any audience. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate guitarist, this blog post will guide you through three impressive fingerstyle songs that will showcase your talent and enhance your guitar playing skills. So grab your acoustic guitar and let’s embark on this musical journey together!

1) “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas:

“Dust in the Wind” is an iconic acoustic masterpiece that perfectly embodies the beauty of fingerstyle guitar. This song, originally performed by Kansas, is an excellent starting point for beginners delving into fingerstyle playing. The song revolves around a simple yet beautiful chord progression and utilises basic fingerpicking patterns. By practicing this song, you’ll gain a solid foundation in fingerstyle technique, including thumb independence and finger coordination.

2) “Blackbird” by The Beatles:

Next up is “Blackbird” by The Beatles, a timeless classic that showcases the versatility of fingerstyle guitar. This song is renowned for its intricate picking patterns and melodic structure. While it may appear challenging at first, breaking it down into smaller sections and practicing it at a slower tempo will help you master the song gradually. As you progress, you’ll develop finger independence and refine your sense of rhythm, allowing you to tackle more complex fingerstyle arrangements in the future.

3) “Tears in Heaven” by Eric Clapton:

Our final fingerstyle gem is “Tears in Heaven” by the legendary Eric Clapton. This heartfelt ballad combines emotional lyrics with a beautiful fingerstyle arrangement. The song incorporates arpeggios, fingerpicking, and chord progressions that will help you build dexterity and control over your fingers. As you become comfortable with the song, you’ll be able to infuse your playing with emotion and expressiveness, making it a truly captivating performance piece.

Tips for Learning Fingerstyle Songs:

  1. Start Slow: Patience is key when learning fingerstyle songs. Begin by practicing each section slowly and gradually increase the tempo as you gain confidence and accuracy.
  2. Focus on Technique: Pay attention to proper finger placement, hand positioning, and fingerpicking patterns. Practicing with precision will improve your overall technique and enhance your playing.
  3. Break it Down: If a song seems overwhelming, break it into smaller sections and tackle them individually. Mastering one section at a time will eventually lead to a seamless performance of the complete song.
  4. Practice Regularly: Consistency is crucial in building fingerstyle skills. Dedicate regular practice sessions to your fingerstyle repertoire, and you’ll witness steady progress over time.


Congratulations! You’ve discovered three impressive and captivating fingerstyle songs that will elevate your acoustic guitar playing. “Dust in the Wind,” “Blackbird,” and “Tears in Heaven” are not only enjoyable to learn but also offer valuable opportunities for honing your fingerstyle technique. Remember to start slowly, focus on proper technique, break down challenging sections, and practice regularly. With dedication and perseverance, you’ll soon impress yourself and others with your fingerstyle prowess. So grab your guitar, immerse yourself in these enchanting melodies, and let your fingers create magic on the fretboard.

Keep strumming, keep picking, and keep embracing the joy of fingerstyle guitar!

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