Guitar Lessons, Intermediate

Intermediate Guitar Lessons

So you’ve been playing guitar for a while now but something seems to be missing.

Maybe you feel like you’re stuck in a rut and not getting any better. Or perhaps there’s a particular song or technique that, try as you might, you just can’t get the hang of. Maybe you’ve developed a few bad habits that you need correcting, and don’t really know how to go about doing that.

Well, that’s where I come in!

It’s not just beginners who can benefit from taking guitar lessons. I’ve taught many people from all walks of life who, while they may have mastered the basics of the instrument, have benefited greatly from having someone guide them on the right path to making some big improvements. Whether it’s in theory, technique, song writing, improvisation, rhythm, a new style or just a few cool licks or chords, I can help make you a better player.

Give me a call or send me a message and let’s get some lessons booked in.

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