Advanced, Guitar Lessons

Advanced Guitar Lessons

As well as beginners and intermediate guitarists, I am more than happy to accept bookings from players who are looking for advanced guitar lessons. I can make an already accomplished player even better no matter what you’re looking to achieve.

Being a former student of Guitar-X has seen me develop a good grounding in a number of advanced techniques, such as alternate picking, hybrid picking, sweep picking, tapping, legato, advanced chords, chord substitution and harmonics to name but a few.

I also have an extensive knowledge of music theory, and can help those who’ve never studied before right up to players who just want to fill in a few gaps in their knowledge.

Finally, I can also help those who want to learn to read music or need help with their sight reading. You name it, I can help you with it!

Please contact me if this applies to you, and let’s start helping you break out of those boxes and become the guitar player you want to be.





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